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Star Hill Ponies

27th March 2015 by

Star Hill Ponies Format: 26 x 10’ Style: Puppets Target Audience: Pre-school Molly and Dylan, two Welsh Mountain ponies and their Shetland pony pal Scruffy choose Baz (Beatrice Anastasia Zenobia Watkins) and her parents’ farm as their perfect home. Baz and her horsey friends are forever getting up to mischief and merriment around Star Hill [...]

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Bibi Ball

26th March 2015 by

Bibi Ball Format: 13 x 5’ Style: 2D Animation Target Audience: Pre-school Bibi Ball lives in the toy room. Do you know where Bibi Ball is hiding? Is he in the toybox? Or behind the doll’s house? Here he is! Bibi can bounce, roll, squash and stretch, just like any other ball and every day he [...]

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The Revenge Files of Alistair Fury

25th March 2015 by

Format: 13 x 25’ Style: Comedy Drama Series Target Audience: Older Kids Based on the popular children’s books, The War Diaries Of Alistair Fury by award-winning author Jamie Rix, this hilarious comedy drama series follows Alistair’s antics as he tries to get even with his foes on behalf of oppressed little brothers everywhere. With Alistair [...]

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Tec the Tractor

24th March 2015 by

Tec the Tractor Format: 39 x 15’ Style: Stop-Motion Animation Target Audience: Pre-school Tec the Tractor loves helping out on the family farm with his friends Tommy the Trailer, Carolyn the cow and all the other farm machines and animals that live with them. He also gets into trouble, but Roy the farmer and Kay, [...]

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23rd March 2015 by

Gogs Format: 13 x 5’ Style: Stop-Motion Animation Target Audience: Older Kids Just when you thought it was safe to switch on the television set – meet the Gogs. This bizarre Stone- Age clan sets a new style in offbeat cult humour with its weird, wacky and wicked prehistoric adventures which appeals to adults and children [...]

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Animated Epics

22nd March 2015 by

Animated Epics Format: 6 x 30’ Style: Mixed Animation Target Audience: Animated Classics Relive the action and adventure of some of the most widely read classic literary works through this highly creative, award winning animation series. The Canterbury Tales (told in 3 parts): Geoffrey Chaucer’s landmark work in the history of English Literature. These Oscar [...]

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Animated Tales of the World

21st March 2015 by

Animated Tales of the World Format: 39 x 15’ Style: Mixed Animation Target Audience: Animated Classics Animated Tales of the World is the largest co-production in the history of broadcasting involving 39 countries. This series was born from a simple idea: no nation is poor in stories and we are all enriched by sharing them. So [...]

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Animated World Faiths

20th March 2015 by

Animated World Faiths Format: 10 x 15’ Style: Mixed Animation Target Audience: Animated Classics Using a variety of animation techniques, Animated World Faiths is a beautiful series, which aims to encourage children to explore religions other than their own. Each film focuses on a particular religion, the origins of which are explained through a simple [...]

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19th March 2015 by

Operavox Format: 6 x 30’ Style: Mixed Animation Target Audience: Animated Classics A collaboration with The Welsh National Opera, Operavox brings Opera to a wider audience through a collection of half-hour abridged adaptations of the world’s great operas, presented in animated form. Breaking free of the confines of the stage, their spectacular visual style brings [...]

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Shakespeare – The Animated Tales

18th March 2015 by

Shakespeare - The Animated Tales Format: 12 x 30’ Style: Mixed Animation Target Audience: Animated Classics Internationally acclaimed for bringing Shakespeare to a vast new audience, this pioneering series presents twelve animated masterpieces. Contrasting animation techniques add extra interest to these immortal tales of tragedy and comedy. With two Prime Time Emmy Awards to its [...]

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