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Star Hill Ponies

Format: 26 x 10’
Style: Puppets
Target Audience: Pre-school

Molly and Dylan, two Welsh Mountain ponies and their Shetland pony pal Scruffy choose Baz (Beatrice Anastasia Zenobia Watkins) and her parents’ farm as their perfect home. Baz and her horsey friends are forever getting up to mischief and merriment around Star Hill Farm and all-too-often their adventures take them to the mansion house and grounds of their landowner, the rather haughty Mrs. Horace Morris, who just cannot stand animals! But her handyman Jim, along with the somewhat daft Ambrose Higgins, know better and they’re always willing and able to help Baz and the ponies out of trouble. You can never be lonely when the Star Hill Ponies are around!

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