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Animated Epics

Format: 6 x 30’
Style: Mixed Animation
Target Audience: Animated Classics

Relive the action and adventure of some of the most widely read classic literary works through this highly creative, award winning animation series.

The Canterbury Tales (told in 3 parts): Geoffrey Chaucer’s landmark work in the history of English Literature. These Oscar nominated films follow the journey of a colourful group of pilgrims from London to Canterbury and back. Love, lust, deception, chivalry – anything that has ever been the basis for a good story is here.

Beowulf: In epics, heroes defeat monsters: in Beowulf, the hero not only defeats a monster but also defeats a monster’s mother. This 8th Century Anglo-Saxon poem is skilfully retold for a modern audience.

Moby Dick: Herman Melville’s epic chronicling one man’s pursuit of a white whale, written before psychological analysis had become a science, is more than a study in monomania. The dramatic interplay between captain and crew members provides a gripping and ultimately tragic tale.

Don Quixote: He tilted at windmills, he fought for the Helmet of Mambrino, he jousted with the Knight of the Moons and all for the love of the totally imaginary Dulcinea del Toboso. Why has the story of Don Quixote captivated generations and nations? Find out in this idiosyncratic, model-animated version by acclaimed Hungarian author and animator Csaba Varga.

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