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Format: 52 x 11’
Style: CG Animated
Target Audience: Pre-school, 4 – 6 years

Shane is the celebrity chef that pre-schoolers can call their own! Each episode follows Shane, an ambitious, energetic chef and his daughter Izzy, who together run a restaurant in the town of Munchington. Shane’s firm belief is that when it comes to food, “fresh is best!” And because he’s a chef, food is at the heart of every story. Much of his food is sourced locally: fresh vegetables are grown on Maggie’s farm, world foods are imported through Mama Polenta’s Deli; and fish is caught by Sam Spratt, fresh from the sea.

For Shane, everyday is a new adventure and each episode focuses on his high-energy exploits and passion for food.

With childhood obesity on the rise, this series encourages children to learn about food and where it comes from, make healthier choices and hopefully develop an interest in and a love of cooking.

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