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Anytime Tales – I Want My Potty and other stories

Format: 1 x 67’
Style: 2D Animation
Target Audience: 3 – 5 years
Year of Production: 1991

This is a collection of best selling stories from two of Britain’s most popular authors, Tony Ross (Little Princess) and David McKee (Elmer). Tony Ross’s five zany and humorous tales include the ever popular: I want my potty, I want a cat, Super Dooper Jezebel, Oscar Got The Blame, I’m Coming To Get You. David McKee’s delightful story twists will delight children everywhere and include: Not Now Bernard, The Sad Story of Veronica Who Played the Violin, The Hill and the Rock, Two Can Toucan and the only animated treatment of Elmer the Elephant. Narrated by Victoria Wood and others. Produced by King Rollo Films.

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