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The Wind in the Willows

Format: 52 x 11’
Style: 2D Animated
Target Audience: Pre-school

Kenneth Grahame’s literary classic ‘Wind in the Willows’ springs to life in this new series following the further adventures of the much loved characters: kind and considerate Mole, reliable Rat and of course incorrigible Toad. Situated on and around the river that is such a big part of their lives and landscape, they are now joined by irrepressible Hedge the Hedgehog, Kingfisher, Heron and Adder.

And let’s not forget the scheming Weasels who still want to take over Toad Hall, for whomever controls Toad Hall controls the River. The series embraces all the values of the original book – endeavour, adventure, teamwork and kindness – and is set to become a modern classic.

For kids aged 4-8 years.

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