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Format: 26 x 5’
Style: CG Animated
Target Audience: 6 – 9 years

Are you mostly good but sometimes bad?  Are you a Mimi or a Bibi type of girl? That’s the question at the heart of this fashion brand for girls.

Mimi and Bibi are twin girls who occupy polar ends of the moral spectrum, but things are not always what they seem…

Mimi is all sweetness and light, on a mission to perfect the world in her own image.  She is the quintessential “good girl!”

Bibi meanwhile is the archetypal rebel without a cause – just because.  For her there is no black and white, just black.  PERIOD!

Bubble gum fun mixed with gothic grunge means that girls can decide if they are having a ‘Mimi Day’ or a ‘Bibi Day’ or indeed both!

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